MAN-Roland 505 Super 0B + LV

Ref. Nr.
Kullanilmis tabaka ofset makinesi
505 Super 0B + LV
59 x 74 cm
Baski sayisi
77 Mio baski
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  • Rolandmatic Delta nemlendirme
  • Uzaktan register kontrolu (yan, cap ve capraz ayar
  • RCI 2 - renk ve makina kumandasi
  • Colorpilot
  • Boya merdane yikama sistemi - otomatik
  • Blanket yikama sistemi - otomatik
  • Baski kazan yikama sistemi - otomatik
  • Baskikazani - krom kaplama
  • Kaucukkazani - krom kaplama
  • Kalipkazani - krom kaplama
  • Giriste çelik palet
  • Emici bandli giris masasi
  • Yan poza - havali
  • Otomatik ebat ayarlama
  • Antistatik giris Eltex
  • Cift tabaka kontrolu, elektronik
  • Uzatilmis cikis 1904 mm
  • Yüksek istif cikis
  • Tabaka düzelticisi
  • Tabaka freni
  • Antistatik cikis Eltex
  • Sicak hava kurutucusu Schneider
  • IR kurutucusu Schneider
  • Lak ünitesi-Chambered doctor blade sistemi
  • Quickstart
  • PIAB air supply including compressor Kaeser (exclusive tank)
  • Sogutma ve dolastirma tertibati Technotrans Beta C
  • Vargel sogutma
  • Kagit düzeni 0,04-0,6 mm
Teknik detaylar
Maks. Hiz
16.000 Tabaka/s
1.173 cm
316 cm
193 cm
Maks. ebad X
59 cm
Maks. ebad Y
74 cm
Min. ebad X
26 cm
Min. ebad Y
40 cm
Baski alani X
58 cm
Baski alani Y
74 cm
Maks. kagit kalinligi
1 mm
Istif yüksekligi besleme
105 cm
Istif yüksekligi cikis
108 cm
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Seri bilgileri: MAN-Roland 500

Roland 500 – Packaging specialist in half-format

With a maximum printing speed of 18,000 sheets per hour with this machine substrates between 0.1 mm to 1.0 cm can be printed. The maximum sheet size is 52 x 74. Especially in packaging printing, this machine is convincing: with innovative technology and high speed maximum flexibility is achieved. This machine is available as two-, four-, five-, six-, seven- or eight-color model. Optionally with coating module. Furthermore, this machine is characterized by perfect ergonomics and usability as well as low environmental impact.

At a glance

- Optional special size 59 x 74 cm
- The suction feedboard and the pneumatic side lay in the feeder ensure a consistently high performance during sheet travel.
- PPL (power plate loading) provides an automated plate change
- All cylinders are as standard with surface treatment, that a long life is guaranteed
- The high efficiency is also shown by the automatic washing devices (Inking, plate, blanket and impression cylinder)
- The color control RCI (Remote Controlled Inking) shortens all setup procedures
- The optional coating unit with chambered blade system ensures a precise and evenly dosed varnish coating
- Depending on the type of finishing, there are individual variations of drying: IR-dryer, as well as UV-interdeck- and end-of-press dryer